BE BALANCE ALA Concentrate Ampoule 5 ea

BE BALANCE ALA Concentrate Ampoule 5 ea


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BE BALANCE ALA Concentrate Ampoule 0.3 oz / 10 ml * 5 ea

ALA Concentrate Ampoule is an intensive formula designed for sensitive skin, skin with high-volume sebum secretion, and skin with lots of troubles. The ALA is absorbed only into the sebaceous glands, which leads to improvement of troubles, complexion and wrinkles. Propolis and Aloe Vera ingredients contained in the formula helps with skin calming function.

*ALA (Amino Levulinic Acid) – Natural amino acid present in plants and animals. It plays an important role in the skin’s energy metabolism.


Solutions for
– Acne / blemishes
– Pores




How to open the ampoule

  1. Open in the direction of the arrow on top of the ampoule
  2. Carefully remove the aluminum seal by lifting the plastic lid
  3. When the plastic lid and aluminum seal are completely removed, put on the stopper contained in the box
  4. The stopper is reusable after ampoule use (Each box contains 2 stoppers)


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