FOREVERSKIN Salmon Pore Care Mask, 10 sheets

FOREVERSKIN Salmon Pore Care Mask, 10 sheets


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Witch hazel and tea tree leaf components penetrate deep into the skin and vitalize the layer from within. Witch hazel protects the skin by boosting the natural resistance against harmful foreign particles and tightening the pores, while tea tree leaf blocks the harmful particles from attaching to epidermis.


Bamboo Charcoal Black Sheet
A unique design applies bamboo charcoal to rayon fabric. Bamboo charcoal is a material with excellent moisture absorption and waste adhesion properties. This special combination result in a completely functional sheet that allows fast supply of essence and efficient waste particle removal from the pores.


HPDR 1% Solution
HPDR is a biopolymer substance extract from wild salmon DNA that improve skin smoothness by suppressing collagen breakdown and maximizes skin moisture retention by repressing evaporation of water from the epidermis.
HPDR also forms a powerful barrier that protects the skin from various foreign contaminant particles, reducing skin damage from everyday exposure to the harmful elements. The result is vitalized, clean and bright skin.




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